Anger Management Help

Anger management teaches you how to use anger for good.  Successfully dealing with anger issues is the ability to control your emotions.  You will learn how to use your emotions at the best times.  Anger can be positive to help us change our negative behaviours, to feel strong, and to motivate people.  However this emotions also causes stress, strained relationships, and insomnia.

anger management counselling strategiesAnger is an emotion to meet specific emotional needs.  We show individuals, couples, and families how to use that emotion in certain times to positively serve them, while using different emotions for different situations.  You will discover the limiting beliefs which create anger.  We will find solutions to use different emotions in the proper situations.

Unlike psychologists and therapists, we find out the source such as the belief or story.  You then change it easily.  We also give you practical tools, resources, and solutions.  You will live strong through real empowering emotions, and beliefs as well as strong effective actions.

Anger Management Counselling Tips & Strategies

Negative self-talk as well as negative thought patterns cause low self-esteem and confidence.  To feel better, these people use anger in order to release tension as well as to feel heard and understood.  Experiences from childhood or early adulthood may start the pattern.  This negative pattern is often times an unconscious reaction.  From a psychological perspective, the overuse of this pattern makes people feel protected from emotional pain.  This emotion also creates a physiological response.  It sends adrenaline through your brain and body.  People can get physically and mentally addicted to the adrenaline rush of anger.

Everybody’s biggest fear is that they are not good enough and they will not be loved.  Love is like oxygen for our souls.  Traumatic events, workplace issues, and challenging relationships can bring up these fears.  In times of stress, emotional uncertainty and vulnerability, people can create coping mechanisms to block out the pain.  Anger creates a wall between people, and still meets the sufferers human needs in the short-term.  The long-term consequences are more harmful than any short-term gains.

Through anger management counselling, you will learn the tips and techniques to remove unhealthy anger. You will gain clarity, a sense of purpose and also develop positive thought patterns.  You will successfully learn about the signs, symptoms & causes of your anger.

Anger management help in only 3-6 sessions in Toronto with Giovanni Maccarrone: 647 231 5727.

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