Overcome Anxiety Naturally

Successful anxiety counselling in Toronto in only 3-6 sessions: 647 231 5727.

headache due to anxietyFinally get relief from anxiety, worry, insomnia, and excessive fear naturally. Beat anxiety and also get the social confidence you deserve.

95%+ success rate with Giovanni Maccarrone B.A., C.L.C.

We do not prescribe drugs or pills. We know that people can feel anxious, but that nobody actually has anxiety. Limiting labels such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) offer no real help to people. When people experience anxiety, panic attacks, fear of failure and so forth, we can always track back to one or more limiting and false beliefs. As we change the beliefs from limiting to empowering, people move on with their lives with strength and happiness.

Prior to our sessions, many clients had tried treatment for anxiety through CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) from psychologists and therapists. Following many sessions, these clients felt the same or worse. Some people combine psyhotherapy and anti-anxiety medication to treat or cope with their symptoms.

Does Anxiety Counselling Work?

We offer real solutions to change the source of anxiety forever. We rewire the brain to see opportunity, strength, and growth, instead of fear and panic. Each session is priceless as together we make breakthrough after breakthrough.

anxiety treatment chartPeople suffering from PTSD, OCD, phobias, social anxiety and so forth are welcome to have sessions to finally get rid of these negative emotions forever. You do not need to cope or live with these harmful feelings. We have the solutions that are proven to work to overcome feelings of anxiety.

I can not thank Giovanni enough. I felt very comfortable opening up to him and I was surprised that he was able to find the root of the problem so quickly. Definitely I would recommend him to anyone who is unsure about certain issues in their life that need clarity -Dee

Depression Help & Counselling also available.