Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Life


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“A Belief Is A Feeling Of Certainty About What Something Means” – Tony Robbins

Learn How To Change Your Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

If you want to change your beliefs to successfully achieve your goals, you are definitely on the right track.

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Successful people have radically different beliefs than people who fail.  People who consistently fail tend to hold negative and disempowering beliefs.  The power of belief is so powerful that it can literally save your life, or kill you.  We all know that changing your beliefs changes your reality.  How does it work?  Because a belief changes your perspective and changes what shows up in your life.

One of the most important core belief you have is about yourself, also called your identity.  The strongest force in the human personality is actually your identity.  Your identity will get you to adopt the habits which support it in what is called identity-based habits.

If you believe that you are a failure, you will unconsciously search for ways to fail.  You will also see yourself as the victim in the sad stories of your life.  On the other hand, people who believe that they are a success always see themselves as the strong and empowered character in their story.  They also copy and implement all the habits and strategies of successful people.

You have beliefs about society, the job market, religion, other people, yourself and more.  What you believe is possible in your life is actually one of the main principles in achieving your goals.  For a full list of how to successfully achieve your goals, you can read more here: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

What Is A Belief? – Definition

A belief is a strongly held feeling that a statement is true.

Examples of Core Beliefs

For example, people hear the statements “God exists” or “God is real”.  They then have a strong

negative beliefsfeeling that these statements are true.

Using another example, the statement “completing post-secondary school will give you a good job (financially)”.  The statement, plus a strong feeling about the true of the statement produces a belief.

If you want a financially good job and also have a strong feeling that this belief is true, you will go to post-secondary school.

The mental and emotional challenge occurs when our beliefs do not line-up with each other.  In these cases, people self-sabotage.  This phenomenon is due to conflicting beliefs.

What Are Conflicting Beliefs? – Definition

A conflicting belief is when you simultaneously have two opposing or inconsistent beliefs.  The official psychological term for conflicting beliefs is cognitive dissonance.  cognitive dissonance in the real world

For example, if you desire a financially stable job but also believe the statement that money is the route of all evil, then you self-sabotage.  Basically you will take one step forward and two steps back.  This thinking pattern is due to conflicting beliefs.  If you would like to change conflicting beliefs, this free e-book is highly recommended.

Conflicting beliefs are what cause people to go on dates, but close up when on them.  Conflicting beliefs get someone to make money or to lose weight, but to lose all the money and gain back all the weight.

We experience psychological and emotion stress when we hold beliefs that do not line-up.  When people realize that they hold conflicting beliefs, the stress that is produced opens the door to decide which belief is truly empowering for their lives.

How To Change Your Beliefs

People want to think that they are logical and rational, but the truth is that human beings are emotional creatures.

The ideal situation is to train yourself using logic and emotion.

For a full explanation of how to change your beliefs to support your goals, you can download this Free E-Book: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

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How Do Highly Successful & Rich People Think?

How Rich People Think Differently Than Average People

We grow up in elementary school hearing our teachers say that we can be anything we put our mind to.  We watch Hollywood & Disney movies showing that dreams really do come true.

As we grow up, the messages from the outside seem to change.  The job market is competitive with prices rising on seemingly everything.  People who we truly loved broke our little hearts and we do poverty route evilnot want to trust again.  The dream people grew up with of doing what they loved and being financially free seems so far away.

Due to negative stories from the news, from some of our peers and family members, and even from our own “failures”, we give up on our dreams and become “average”.

Average seems safe, and it might be in the moment, but never long term.  Average may put food on the table, a roof over your head, and a little extra spending money.  Yes average helps you survive, but you never truly thrive.

Financially rich people have a radically different mindset than the average person.  They enjoy amazing gifts, luxuries and freedom.  They are able to give and share and do more for themselves, their families and people they care about.  Their success mindset allows them to actually feel alive!

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How Rich People Think

Since 80% of success is your mentality, successful people know how to take control of their mind.

The article How Rich People Think Differently shows 21 beliefs rich people have to build their wealth.  You can take these principles and apply them to all areas of your life.  Remember that wealth always comes from a place of abundance rather than lack.  Opportunities are all around us and empowering beliefs is one of the best steps to start the journey.

How To Get Rich Through Empowering Beliefs

Below is a list of a few of the beliefs rich people have:

  1. Poverty is the route of all evil

smartest rich peopleWhile rich people are viewed as cheaters or lucky, poor people are the real crooks.  People with a “money is the route of all evil” mentality are not able to provide for their family as much as they could.  They cheat their family out of more stability and growth by having a poor belief.

Rich people hate living in lack, and want to provide the means for themselves and the people they care about to thrive and enjoy the world.  Money provides a resource for them to achieve their goals and dreams.

2.   Specific knowledge makes you rich

Average people believe that master’s degrees and doctorates equal money.  On the other hand rich people know that getting and then selling specific information equals wealth.  For example, Tony Robbins has no formal education, but travels the world to learn specific knowledge.  He then shares that specific knowledge to sell out his seminars and command coaching fees in access of 1 million dollars.

3.   Focusing on earning is better than focusing on saving

how rich people think mindsetWhile saving a certain amount of money can help you, holding onto everything that you have is a recipe to always be poor.

Rich people use a part of their earnings to grow and invest.  They sometimes “fail”, but continue to make smart calculated moves.

While average people get scared and hold onto everything they have, rich people move forward.  Wealthy people buy and sell properties, products, stocks, and other companies.  They always focus on earning and know that growth is life.

Does A Success Mindset Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Yes of course.  In fact, there is a whole e-book on having the right mindset to achieve your goals.  You can download it here: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

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How To Get Motivated Now!


“Success is never a matter of ability, it’s always a matter of motivation” – Tony Robbins

Learn How To Have Motivation All The Time

People always talk about needing and wanting motivation.  Here you will learn what motivation is, and also how to consistently have that high energy and drive.

What Is Motivation? – Definition

Motivation is the emotional need, want, or drive to start, maintain and obtain certain emotions, beliefs, actions, or resources.  In simple terms, motivation gets someone to act in a way that pushes them away from pain or pulls them towards pleasure.motivation chart

As Tony Robbins says, 80% of success is your psychology.  In other words, 80% of your success is your emotions.  When your emotions say that achieving a certain goal is great, you will follow through with action.

Motivation is actually a mental and physiological response.  When you anticipate a future reward being very pleasurable, your brain releases dopamine.  This feel good neurotransmitter makes you act.

People complain about a lack of motivation or feeling lazy to do anything to change their lives. The truth is that these people already have motivation.  They have a lot of motivation to stay in their current situation because they fear that any movement would give them more pain than pleasure.  For example, people want to have motivation to exercise and lose weight, but feel comfortable enough about their current situation to do anything about it.  Therefore, the potential pleasure does not currently outweigh their current pain.

For example, you may want to get motivated to lose weight. However you currently see working out and eating good as so much more painful than the way you now eat and do not exercise.

How Do I Feel Motivation?

5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals shows how to use the pain-pleasure principle to get motivated.  The pain-pleasure principle works by putting so much pain to the behaviour that you want to avoid, and so much pleasure to the behaviour that you want to adopt.

For example, if you want to get in shape, list all the negative consequences of not working out or eating well.inner motivation

Think of all the health problems you will have, all the fun you will miss out on with your partner and kids.  Think about how bad you will feel about yourself, and the disconnection you will have with other people.

In the next column, list all the pleasures of getting in shape.  Imagine the confidence you will feel.  Experience all the fun you will have with your partner and your kids.  Feel how proud you will feel about yourself.  Also imagine how connected you will feel with yourself and others.

NOTE: Real motivation is NOT a temporary pump-up, but a long-lasting and sustainable emotional pattern to consistently follow through.  Motivational speeches are only for a short time, while decision is forever.

How Can I Always Find Motivation?

Learn how to be consistently motivated as well as the other principles for success in the Free E-Book 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals

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6 Steps To Letting Go

We all have experiences which feel painful in the moment, but are not truly that big in the grand scheme of things. The trick is to let go and experience the positivity of the situation.  In fact, there is usually an empowering meaning in the most challenging experiences.


6 Steps To Letting Go

by: Life Coach Giovanni Maccarrone


Step 1: Take a few deep breathes.  Focusing on a few deep breathes makes a physiological, emotional and psychological change.  People who are experiencing a panic attack completely calm down after just a few deep breathes.



Step 2: Ground yourself in the present, realize the past and future don’t matter.

People who habitually feel depressed tend to focus on the past, while studies show that happy people tend to focus mostly on the present and future.  Click here to find more strategies of successful people.



Step 3: Meaning control our lives, and you can always find the greater purpose. Remind yourself of circumstances where things didn’t go as planned in the past, and it led to a greater outcome.



Step 4: All experiences have a positive benefits.  Ask yourself: what benefit could this have for a positive future outcome?



Step 5: Find humor in the past situation and excitement in the future.  Being fired from a job could lead to you opening your own business where you love what you do and make more money than you ever dreamed about.



Step 6:  The only thing constant in life is change.  If you experienced a challenge, be the 20% that understands that challenges will pass and success is just around the corner.



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