Hypnosis Toronto – How To Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing

How To Hypnotize Someone For Beginners & Professionals

I am going to show you an easy to follow strategy for how to hypnotize someone in seconds without how to hypnotize someonethem even knowing. You are going to learn how to hypnotize someone fast and easily. It is called covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis is basically the use of words, stories, images and non-verbal communication to influence someone outside of their conscious awareness.  You do not need a pendulum or to count from 10 to 1.  You do not need special hypnosis certification or training to use hypnotize someone.

All you have to do to hypnotize someone is to bypass their conscious mind and talk to their unconscious mind. This strategy will talk to their unconscious mind.

Using Hypnosis To Be Better At Business

You can use this covert hypnosis technique during your business meeting, your business presentation and when you are selling your products and services.  In fact, the most influential business leaders understand the power of covert hypnosis.  Successful business leaders, marketers and sales agents know how to indirectly plant seeds, ideas and concepts in your mind.

How To Hypnotize Someone With Words

All you are going to do is tell a story.  Tell a story with a similar message but talking about something else and someone else.

It is like the story of Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. The story teaches people that an apparent weakness which everybody laughs at you for can actually be a strength.  We saw that Rudolph’s bright red nose lit the path for Santa. In addition, the stories we tell ourselves have a major impact on our own lives and psychology.

When you tell a story, people start unconsciously picturing images and constructing the story in their heads. We are not consciously aware of things around us anymore. We are basically in our unconscious mind.  Basically we are in an hypnotic trance. We unconsciously start making parallels or similarities in our heads between the story and our lives. As you pace them through your story telling, you can then lead them to a helpful ending.

Use The Hypnosis Technique Of Pacing & Leading

One of my friends was in a toxic relationship with a guy. She knew it was toxic and wanted to break-up but her unconscious mind would not accept that decision.

One warm night in her car she said “Giovanni, I wanna break up. It was so great in the beginning and even when it was going bad I still kept holding onto it.  I thought it would turn around but now I do not know what to do”.

I decided to share a personal story which metaphorically matched her story, but with a different ending.  In hypnosis and NLP this technique is called pacing and leading.  Pacing is basically understanding their statement while matching and mirroring their body language, breathing and words. Once they see you on their side, you can lead by bringing them into another direction.

I said “I totally understand what you mean. A few years ago I was investing money in a stock. At the beginning the stock was going up, up and up. Then I noticed that it started going down. But I still kept holding onto it thinking that it would turn around. I held onto it, lost money, held onto it, lost money, held onto it, lost money.

After 3 painful years of holding onto it and losing money, I eventually let it go. I took a break, and invested in another stock. This one went up and down, up and down. So I took another break and invested in another stock. This stock went up and down, up and down. Then I finally invested in a third stock and I am happy to say that I see a lot more ups and positives! I ended my story with the statement:

I am so happy I made the decision to let the old stock go and get the new stock because I am making so much more money today, and with less effort!

She broke up with him soon after. She told me that it was specifically that story that helped her realize what was happening and decide to do what was best for her.

That is the power of a story to profoundly influence a company, make sales and help someone feel better. Click here to learn how to hypnotize someone like Donald Trump.

Hypnosis Toronto -How To Hypnotize Someone Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump Hypnosis Explained

If you want to learn how to hypnotize someone like Donald Trump, follow this easy to follow step-by-step guide.

A big reason is because of his non-verbal communication.  Non-verbal communication is basically his body language and the tone of his voice. In fact, non-verbal communication is 93% of communication!  Crazy!

I will walk you through some of Trump’s non-verbal communication so that you can better understand his strategy.  You will also better understand other people.  Feel free to even use some of this non-verbal communication to make a presentation for your company, influence your team to make more money and help people you care about.

Steps To How Trump Hypnotizes Us

Number 1, Trump uses the open palm gesture.  It means openness and honesty.  Like when people are under oath in a court “I swear that the evidence that I am giving is true…”.

So Trump can say:

“I love this country of America with free enterprise which made me rich”.

Number 2, the fist gesture.  It is a strong gesture to emphasis a point.  Trump does it with two hands but most speakers do it with one hand.    So Trump can say “I promise you that I will ban all Mexicans from coming into this country”.  But when you use this gesture, use it here and there or else you look arrogant as opposed to confident.

Number 3, parallel gestures.  Trump usually does gestures using both of his hands including the fist gesture.  Why?  Because it looks balanced which makes him look confident and certaihypnotize someone like Donald Trumpn.  Using only one hand is like trying to do a one handed pushup.  Consequently, using parallel gestures in like doing a two handed pushup.  It gives you more support and stability.

Now, do you remember when he got the crowd to make that pledge?  At one point he said “who likes me in this room?”.  But this is the actual way he said it “Who likes me in this ROOM!?”  So number 4, he made his voice loudernumber 5, he popped his eyes out, and number 6, he made a strong shape with his mouth.  You can use the eye pop to attack like “I’m gonna hurt him”, or as a positive like “this ice cream is really good”.

And number 7, right after he says “who likes me in this room!?”, he clenches his teeth.  In particular, that shows anger and that he is ready to fight like an angry dog.

How To Successfully Read Non-Verbal Communication

When you hear someone talking about a time in their past where they got hurt, you will sometimes see them clench their teeth.  They do this action because they are in angry at the person who hurt them or at the traumatic event.  A lot of people and therapists do not see little non-verbal clues like this.  On the other hand, noticing this one second clue can be the difference between totally misunderstanding someone, or totally understanding them.  The benefit of noticing non-verbal body language help you successfully help your clients, friends and family.


NLP Toronto – What Is NLP Reframing?

What Is NLP Reframing?

NLP Reframing gives a different meaning to the same event or experience.  The change in meaning makes you feel different and act different.  Seeing the same event or experience from a different frame changes your perspective.

NLP reframing is a popular hypnosis and NLP technique.  We all know what a frame is, right?  There is actually one right behind me.  There is my diploma there.  If around it I put a brown frame vs. a blue frame vs. a red frame, the diploma looks different, right?  The same thing happens with your experiences.  If you put a certain frame around your experiences, you will feel different and you will behave differently.  For example, if you put an empowering frame around your experiences, you will see the world through an empowering lens.

It might seem like a little change, but it has a huge impact on your present and future life.  It changes your identity as well as the way you relate to everything in your life.  We have all heard the common one question about whether the glass is half full or hall empty.  It could be both.  It depends on which frame you put around it.

Examples of NLP Reframing

For instance, you may think that you are “shy”.  Another way to look at it is “I am calm and observant”.  The difference between the two meanings is living a life where you are habitually scared to one where you feel calm and in control.  So does the frame you put around it make a little difference or a big difference?  We know that even a slight change in your identity changes the way you relate to people, how you perform in job interviews as well as at school.

NLP ReframingSometimes we see those hyper-active kids who break the rules and seem to always be out of control.  Some doctors even diagnose them with limiting labels such as ADHD or that they have a learning disability.  I am not advocating to break the rules.  What I am saying is that some people call these kids “rebels”.  Another way to look at these same kids is that they are “trend setters” and “innovators”.  The way the kid identifies with themself can be the difference between spending their life in jail with low self-esteem vs. designing the newest and coolest fashions, the most innovative technology and helping change the world.

As another example, some poor people look at a guy who is rich and say “that guy is rich, what a bastard!'”.  Others say “that guy is rich.  What a role model!”.  The “bastard rich guy” frame will causes the person to always be poor, even if consciously they want to be rich.  Consciously they will take one step forward.  Unconsciously they will take two steps back.  In other words, they will self-sabotage.  They teach themselves that having money is bad, and in fact that having money will equal no love.  I talk about this more in my article ‘Change Our Beliefs‘.

How Our Perspective Changes Our Reality

The single frame of bastard vs. role model could be the difference between being poor or being rich, and it is only a couple of words.  This sight difference in language has a big impact on your physical reality.

Here is another one: “This girl cheated on me”.  Okay, I’m not trying to be Mr. Positive here and pretend it didn’t happen.  It happened.  However here is the difference: she “hurt” vs. she ‘”helped” me.  I could focus on how she hurt me, or I can put a “helped”‘ frame around it.  Putting a “helped” frame will make me feel empowered.  I would be helped by the fact that she showed me her true colours before we got further into the relationship, she taught me about myself and helped me make a better choice next time around about the kind of girl I want to date.  So “hurt” or “helped”?  Which frame makes you feel more empowered?  Click here to learn more about Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.

Real Life Example of NLP Reframing

I will also give you a real example from my own life.  When I used to tutor English, I always thought that our lessons should have been be fun and informative.  One day it seemed like my student was not having fun.  I got nervous and a little stressed.  I started thinking something was wrong and maybe something was wrong with me, or at least my teaching.  I’m sure we could all relate to blowing up stories at times in our lives.

Then I stopped and reframed it.  With more information, I learned that she is acting calm because she feels so comfortable with me, which is definitely something positive and something that I value.

I felt so much better and the lesson went a lot better.  I later learned that it was true that she felt totally comfortable to me, even to the point that she started speaking to me in her own language without even noticing!  So “I’m doing something wrong” vs. “she feels comfortable with me” changed my self-esteem, my outlook, the lesson, and our relationship.

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