Life Coach – How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight Fast

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Losing weight can seem hard, especially when we try our best to exercise every day. People all around the world promote weight loss, health and fitness, while most people in North America are unhealthy and out of shape.  It seems like only motivational videos and movies like Rocky get people off the couch.

Thousands of people feel motivated to work out as part of their New Years resolutions, but few stay motived enough to stick to long term exercise.  January is by far the best month for gym memberships!  Diet fads and new workout routines come out every month, yet people are still not fit.

Parents also try desperately to get their children and teenagers to play sports, run around or just be active!

10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

You will learn how to motivate yourself and others to work out and above all be fit, strong and healthy.

1.  Change your language

According to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and pure science, your language changes your emotions, your emotions change your actions, and your actions change your results.  Understanding the power of language, why do people say that they want to LOSE weight?  I do not know about you, but I hate to lose things!

Human beings are programmed to not want to feel they are losing something.  Plus, when we say we want to lose weight, we create such a negative feeling inside of us about our bodies and who we are as people.  You can only build on success and empowering feelings, not negativity.

self esteem girl

Solution: Change your language to “I’m fit, strong & confident!”

2.  Make being active part of your identity

Identity is the strong force in the human personality.  People almost always go in line with how they define themselves.

People who say “I am lazy” or “I am not the working out type”, will never sustain work out long-term.

Other the other hand, people who say “I love being active because that is just who I am” will work out consistently.

who am I

3.  Feel how good it feels

Moving around actually feels good!  People can feel down and frustrated, but when they start jumping around, running or swimming, they automatically feel more alive.  Think about when you are out with your friends and all of you dance the whole night.  How good does that feel!?

why exercise

Dancing and any type of working out releases the “happy” neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin as well as endorphins.  People take antidepressants and other man made drugs to feel “better”, while you and I can just dance and swim to release these neurotransmitters and feel great!

4.  It’s not a pump-up, it’s a lifestyle

One of the main reasons why people lose motivation is because they rely on a momentary pump-up.  Repeating affirmations in the mirror can only get you so far.  Being active is a LIFESTYLE!

Do people wake up in the morning and say “I gotta say affirmations in the mirror to take a shower”?  No!  Taking showers is just part of their life.  There may be days when they do not shower, but most days they do.


Imagine if someone at work had major B.O., and their reasoning was “oh, I got tired of doing this shower thing”.  What kind of person would say that?

5.  No More Diets!

I hate diets and depriving myself.  I love eating delicious food and enough to fill me up.

People who are on diets are eventually off diets.  If you do those diets where you continuously lower your calories, your metabolism will eventually slow down.  That is why when people are off of their diets, they tend to gain all the weight back plus more, leaving you with less hope and more weight.

stop diets

I believe in a balance diet for my life.  Generally speaking I do the 80/20 rule.  I eat really good 80% of the week, then 20% of the week I eat whatever I want: greasy pizza, pasta with cream and desserts.

When I eat my healthy 80%, I do not eat salads and boiled chicken.   I have my smoothies with almonds, greens, and some fruits and cinnamon to sweeten it up.  Then later I have my fish with veggies.  For dressings I could put tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil, or some good salt.  Easy, delicious and nutritious.

6.  Why are you really going to be fit & strong?

Motive does matter.  “Because I’m fat”, “because Doctor Oz said I need to”or “because my husband said I should” are not sustainable reasons.  These reasons suck because they are not empowering enough.

To feel empowered about being fit and strong, ask yourself this question:

What do you feel when you are fit, strong and alive!?  You feel:

  • confidentlose weight confidence
  • mentally and physically strong
  • alive
  • calmer
  • more in tune with your body and mind
  • more in control of your life
  • you present yourself with more confidence
  • you can get a better job
  • make more money
  • make your current relationship even better
  • you can even have guys and girls come up to you!

You see, being healthy is not just about looking like the girl or guy in the magazine.  Being healthy is about feeling confident, respected and empowered!

7. Keep it simple stupid

Keep things simple and easy.  A lot of people, especially in the field of psychology, tend to make things as complicated as humanly possible.  Complication makes people feel confused and unmotivated.  Simplicity = execution = results.

You do not need to be a nutritionist to figure out a few little things you can do better 80% of the time to get massive results.

For example, drink mostly water.  A can of pop literally makes you body inflamed and fat.  Even fruit juices are full of sugar with every glass adding to your waist line.  I personally know people who now feel so much lighter and in better shape just by drinking water instead of pop.

benefits water

As another example, most North Americans cannot properly digest cow’s milk.  Drinking cow’s milk makes their body inflamed, takes energy from them, and puts on even more fat!  You can simply drink unsweetened almond milk instead.

You can have brown rice instead of white rice or a sweet potato instead of a white potato.

8.  Don’t exercise, just move & have fun

“Exercise” can seem like such a dreadful thing, while dancing or riding your bike is really fun.

You can ride your bike around the block and see your friends and neighbours. You can ride your bike and explore places in the city you have never seen.  Biking with a friend on a trail near water is so relaxing and fun.

dance exercise

You can join a group at the gym that does pilates or plays soccer.  You feel part of a group, have fun, and have sometime exciting to look forward to every week.

9.  We are made to move and express ourselves physically

Thinking about it, people are naturally made to do some kind of daily movement.  Look at babies.

They relax and sleep, but also NEED to move around or else they get cranky.  Our central nervous systems need both rest AND movement.  To a certain point, the more you move, the more energy you have.  The more energy you have, the more motivated you feel to keep moving.

Physical movement is our gift from the universe as it allows us to express ourselves.  Human touch and movement allow us to connect with ourselves and other people to create even more gifts.  How do you think we were born?

10.  Celebrate your successes!

“Oh my goodness, I can fit into these pants again” or “I slept so good last night” are MAJOR reasons to celebrate!  Every celebration makes you feel more motivated to continue your healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Like when a kid is learning to walk.  Every little step they make you cheer for them.  Why?  So they feel good and want to continue walking.

You do not have to feel guilty or beat yourself up if you did not work out or eat the way you wanted to for a few days.  Being fit, strong and alive is a freeing experience.

work out successes

Remember, this is not a race, it is a lifestyle.  Not working out or eating clean some days is usually also good for you physically and mentally.  Remember you can have your carbs and sweets as long as you eat healthy and work out most of the time.

Life Coach – How To Stop Making Excuses & Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility & End Self-Sabotage

Excuses kill your hopes, goals and dream.  Learn how to get what you want without making excuses.  People always have limiting stories about why they failed in life.  People say “when I was young, I wanted to be this and do that”.  They then make excuses for why they could not achieve their goals and dreams  In the same breath they tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

List Of Excuses Why People Fail

Their excuses include:

  • Because my parents would not let me
  • I did not have the time
  • I did not have the money
  • My intelligence was not enough
  • That just was not me
  • Maybe it is genetic

This list is supposed to be of legitimate reasons why they are in a job they hate, a passionless relationship and why they are unhealthy and out of shape.  These blocks could have happened, but the truth is that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  You have to think about goal setting in terms of short and long-term, not just in the moment.

How To Get Your Child To Stop Making Excuses

In life there are different factors that make someone succeed. Sometimes you have to be at the right place and time.  At times in history and in some countries the economy has been bad.  In addition, sometimes other people had control over your actions or your money, so you could not succeed.  Even knowing all these reasons, over time the biggest piece is the person themselves.  Think of a pie.  The biggest piece of the pie is you!

excuses suck

The truth is that if you want to succeed, you almost always can over time.  Drive, determination, will and the right strategies pay off more times than not.  It cannot be true that you never have time or never have any money.  The secret is to prioritize.


Prioritize To Achieve Your Goals & Dreams

What is most important to you?  If working out is very important to you, you will definitely find even ten minutes to sprint around the block or do 100 push-ups.  You can easily just drink and drink differently to be healthier which takes no extra time and usually saves you money.  Drink water instead of coke.  You can eat more vegetables instead of fast carbs and sweets.  If you are watching T.V. with your spouse, you can easily sit right beside them.  On commercials you can talk and share stories.

bla bla bla

In terms of money, what do you really not have the money for long-term?  What is really so expensive that you do not have money for in the long run?  If you want to start a business but you could find cheaper rent and cheaper marketing strategies.  Then as you grow, you can invest more money to grow even more.

Conclusion: Making Solutions, Not Excuses

In conclusion, excuses surrounding money, time, abilities and all these other excuses are just excuses.  If you come to me and use those excuses, I will call you out on it.  If you keep saying those excuses, I will not work with you because I do not work with people who make excuses.  Basically I work with people who focus on solutions, not limiting beliefs.

Basically if you are not where you want to be, ask yourself “am I making excuses or am I making solutions?”

Life Coach – How To Plan For Retirement

Planning For Retirement – Coaching

Planning for retirement seemed like something that was so far away, but now is that time.  In elementary school and high school, a lot of people are so excited when you ask them “what do you want to be:when you grow up?”

Their list of job and careers include: fighter fighter, police officer, nurse, CEO and more.

Eventually kids become adults and adults have jobs and careers.  After 30-40 years working they approach retirement and say to themselves “oh wow I do not know what to do with myself anymore. I am just so bored now”.

Retirement & Death (Mortality Rate)

I have actually heard as well as read that many retirees literally die after retirement.  They were only like in their sixties. It is not a retirement that kills people.  It is that people need a purpose in life and to constantly grow.

How To Prepare For Retirement

Everybody who is thinking about retiring could properly set it up.  I could fast foward your life for you so that you feel prepared.  When I was little, someone would always say to me “you know if you do not have a hobby and then you retire, then what do you do? You end up being bored all the time”.  As a result, I always thought “oh my gosh, when you retire that means you are just bored, and that is it”.

I once repeated the same belief to a friend of mine and right away my friend said:

“you can always pick up a hobby”

I stopped in my tracks and though “right you can always pick up a hobby. That is so true!”.  If you do not have a hobby and you are thinking about retiring you do not have to work until you are 100 years old.  You could always pick up a new hobby.

Happiness After Retirement Comes From Growing

The point is to always grow, to always to something and to look forward to something.  Some retirees like a certain series of books that they looking forward to reading every single day.  Other seniors play instrument which they want to improve on every day.  There are also old age clubs and retirement homes to join.  These groups gather to play cards, talk, eat together or just do activities together.  Other people walk around the block every day or go to Tim Hortons with their friends for a coffee.

retiring fun

Gardening & Grandchildren Keeps People Young

Gardening and growing plants outside keeps people young and connected with nature. They grow their plants and their flowers.  Every day they focus on making their flowers, their plants and their whole landscape better: better looking flowers, tastier food, and different types of plants.

retirement video games

Spending more time with the grandchildren is a recent phenomenon.  Contributing and helping your grandchildren is great but it is not helpful to just rely on your grandchildren for your whole life.  The best thing to do is to actually have personal hobbies or with friends. In addition, you will see your grandchildren or your nieces and nephews or whomever to build your social circle.

Overcome The Fear Of Retirement With Activites

Basically you do not need to be scared about retiring.  There are so many things you can do.  If you are really wondering what to do, you can ask your friends what they do.  Maybe they do something cool that you have not even thought about.  For example, they might play ping pong and inspire you to play.  From there you can play ping pong, read about it, watch videos about and talk about it.

You can also go to the gym an hour a day or maybe even two hours because you do not have to run to work.  Retirement is also the opportunity to get to know your husband or wife better.  You could go to the park with them or talk to them about things that you just did not have the time to talk about when you worked on those years.  The age could be the perfect time for you to join a group, join a club and get to know other people. You now actually have the opportunity to expand your friends circle.

Retirement is not the end, it is the beginning of so many friendships, so many fun things to do and so much growth

If you really feel stuck with your retirement or are thinking about retirement in a couple of years and would still like a purpose you could always contact me.  I would love to help you and I know for sure I can help.

Life Coach – How To Motivate Yourself In Life

Motivating Yourself In Your Personal & Business Life

With so many clients having life coaching sessions, I start to see so many similar patterns. One pattern I see is people incorrectly motivating themselves.  As a result, people go to the gym for like one or two weeks, then they quit. They blame it on being lazy. I always say “you’re not lazy, you just haven’t set up the motivation correctly”. I will teach you how people get motivated.

The basis for motivation is using the pain-pleasure principle. People want to get away from pain and towards pleasure.  The problem that people usually do to have motivation is they set up something really scary or really bad.  Therefore, they want to get away from the pain which might work in the short-term. O Once they move far enough away from the pain, they kind of go back into their old way.  When they get close to the pain again, they move again. The reason why they keep going back and forth is because they have not set up the pleasure.

Using the pain-pleasure principle, use an example in your own life.  Why do you go to work?  You want to get away from pain.  For example you never want to be on the streets, right? You also go to work because you want money to pay the bills and I am sure you want money for entertainment too.  Money allow you to go on trips or just to go out to some restaurants. You go to work because it gets you away from pain and moves you towards pleasure.

pain motivation

Why People Lose Motivation To Exercise

When people workout for like one or two weeks, then give up, they say that maybe they are just lazy.  I always say “you’re not lazy. It’s not laziness”.  I ask how they are motivating themselves and they that they put so much pain on not working out. They might say that it is because of their blood pressure or because they look a certain way, or because their parents are criticizing them, or that people are making fun of them.

These people go to the gym, and then slack off until their blood pressure goes up again. They then start having health problems again and they hear that people are criticizing them again.  At that point they start working out again which becomes a back and forth yo-yo thing.

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

The secret is to set up some pleasure.  Why do you love working out?  Like honetsly, why do you love working out? What do you feel when you work out? You feel great! How is your energy after exercise? You feel energetic! How about when you walk out of gym? They feel so strong and confident.

motivate yourself gym

When people start making the mental connections between working out and how great they feel, they start noticing all the pleasure associated with working out.  Exercise is not just to get away from pain. It is not just to get away from certain comments or to get away from certain health problems.  It is to be in top health, to feel alive and energetic. As you use the pain-pleasure principle, you become unstoppable!

Motivating Yourself In Business

I have personally used this strategy specifically in my business.  There was so much pain associated was having to work for somebody else, having to follow their rules and them trying to put me in a box. I told myself that I will never work for anybody else again; at least not for anybody else who tries to put me in a box, tell me what to do, what to say, how to say it, or how long to say it.  I will also never work for someone who tells me when I could go to the washroom, when I could take my breaks, or how to deal with the clients. I am never going to work for someone likethat ever again. It does not matter what I have to do.

I then put pleasure as well. I said with my life coaching business that I get to connect with people and  actually make breakthroughs. It does not even feel like work anymore. I never work a day in my life anymore. It is just so much fun.  There is so much change, I am happy and I help people make so many breakthroughs.

I also make a really good living so I can enjoy myself, give money to my family and my friends. I can also build things, I could really feel like I am growing every single day.

Next time you want to motivate yourself, put so much pain for what you want to go away from and so much pleasure to where you want to go.

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