What Is Life Coaching?

What Is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a forward thinking, action-oriented and results-based centered profession.  Coaches help you reach your emotional, financial, physical, career and relationship goals.

First of all, life coaching sees clients as perfectly able and successful people who only need the mental and mechanical strategies to reach their goals.  People from many different walks of life work with life coaches.  Clients include teenagers who want high self-esteem to adults who want a career change but feel stuck.  Clients also range from the recently retired person who feels lost to the millionaire who has traveled the world and would like the next level of personal fulfillment.

What Does A Life Coach Do Exactly?

Life coaches help you find, set, meet and exceed your emotional, financial, career and physical goals and desires.  Life coaching clients are usually successful people who just need more direction and expertise in a certain area.  Coaches help clients get unstuck, motivated and with an action plan.

what is life coachingExamples of emotional goals are beating depression and anxiety as well as getting high self-esteem.

Financial and career goals include getting a promotion, starting your own business as well as making more money.

Giovanni Maccarrone views all of his clients as happy, strong and with high self-esteem.  Therefore, he simply helps his clients see and take apart the limiting story or beliefs.  This allows their true potential to shine through.  Giovanni Maccarrone has worked with people who had felt depressed, anxious, and with low self-esteem for years.  Due to his expertise, they turned their lives around and created lasting changes fast.

People work with coaches also to achieve physical goals such as quitting smoking and losing weight.

Top coaches explain to their clients the psychological needs they try to fulfill by smoking.  They then find other ways of meeting the same needs in better ways.  As a result, Giovanni Maccarrone helps them quit smoking in only one session.  The session also included NLP (waking hypnosis) which broke the physical pattern.

Examples of relationship goals are how to understand and appreciate one’s parents and how to have a loving relationship with that special someone.

Is Life Coaching Worth It?

Giovanni Maccarrone is always open and available to answer all of your questions.  Options include e-mail, phone and Skype.

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