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“A Belief Is A Feeling Of Certainty About What Something Means” – Tony Robbins

Learn How To Change Your Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

If you want to change your beliefs to successfully achieve your goals, you are definitely on the right track.

Successful people have radically different beliefs than people who fail.  People who consistently fail tend to hold negative and disempowering beliefs.  The power of belief is so powerful that it can literally save your life, or kill you.  We all know that changing your beliefs changes your reality.  How does it work?  Because a belief changes your perspective and changes what shows up in your life.

One of the most important core belief you have is about yourself, also called your identity.  The strongest force in the human personality is actually your identity.  Your identity will get you to adopt the habits which support it in what is called identity-based habits.

empowering belief example

If you believe that you are a failure, you will unconsciously search for ways to fail.  You will also see yourself as the victim in the sad stories of your life.  On the other hand, people who believe that they are a success always see themselves as the strong and empowered character in their story.  They also copy and implement all the habits and strategies of successful people.

You have beliefs about society, the job market, religion, other people, yourself and more.  What you believe is possible in your life is actually one of the main principles in achieving your goals.  For a full list of how to successfully achieve your goals, you can read more here: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

What Is A Belief? – Definition

A belief is a strongly held feeling that a statement is true.

Examples of Core Beliefs

For example, people hear the statements “God exists” or “God is real”.  They then have a strong feeling that these statements are true.

negative beliefs

Using another example, the statement “completing post-secondary school will give you a good job (financially)”.  The statement, plus a strong feeling about the true of the statement produces a belief.

If you want a financially good job and also have a strong feeling that this belief is true, you will go to post-secondary school.

The mental and emotional challenge occurs when our beliefs do not line-up with each other.  In these cases, people self-sabotage.  This phenomenon is due to conflicting beliefs.

What Are Conflicting Beliefs? – Definition

A conflicting belief is when you simultaneously have two opposing or inconsistent beliefs.  The official psychological term for conflicting beliefs is cognitive dissonance.

For example, if you desire a financially stable job but also believe the statement that money is the route of all evil, then you self-sabotage.  Basically you will take one step forward and two steps back.  This thinking pattern is due to conflicting beliefs.  If you would like to change conflicting beliefs, this free e-book is highly recommended.

cognitive dissonance in the real world

Conflicting beliefs are what cause people to go on dates, but close up when on them.  Conflicting beliefs get someone to make money or to lose weight, but to lose all the money and gain back all the weight.

We experience psychological and emotion stress when we hold beliefs that do not line-up.  When people realize that they hold conflicting beliefs, the stress that is produced opens the door to decide which belief is truly empowering for their lives.

How To Change Your Beliefs

People want to think that they are logical and rational, but the truth is that human beings are emotional creatures.

The ideal situation is to train yourself using logic and emotion.

For a full explanation of how to change your beliefs to support your goals, you can download this Free E-Book: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.


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