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Learn how to breakthrough whatever is stoping you and get unstuck and empowered with our constant breakthroughs package.  This is an affortable package consisting of monthly sessions. Most people have one session per month for 6-12 months.

After the 3-6 sessions when my clients feel on top of the world, I know they will definitely face more and different challenges in the coming months.  They overcome depression, and now they are in a relationship.  I also have relationship coaching.  They are happy with their relationship, and now they want to put together a sales presentation or increase sales for their company.  I now have business & sales coaching.

I now have my “Constant Breakthroughs Package”.  We meet, for example once a month, we talk about your current challenge, and we make breakthroughs fast.

Everybody has challenges at different times of their lives.  Financial challenges, relationship challenges, work issues and so forth always need change and improvement.  We offer a results centered and solutions oriented coaching practice.

Studies show that the more successful people in all fields and industries work with coaches and experts of a regular basis.  For example, one of the top traders in the world Paul Tudor Jones works daily with financial strategist Tony Robbins. In fact, Mr. Jones has made money every single year after hiring Tony Robbins to work as part of his team.

This package is for my clients who would like even more breakthroughs month after month.  This is tony robbins trained coach constant breakthroughs packagealso great for new clients who want a Life Coach who’s always there for them.  A life coach who helps them make constant breakthroughs month after month.

The monthly cost is minimal, and you get to make constant breakthroughs month after month.

Constant Breakthroughs Package Rates:

Call Giovanni Maccarrone to discuss fees.  All costs subject to 13% HST.

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