Overcome Feelings of Sadness/Depression Naturally

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy helps people overcome feelings of habitual sadness.  Doctors may clarify the symptoms as depression and say that the feeling is due to a chemical imbalance.  Most of the time these symptoms are a result of a pattern of sadness and we change in session.

Hypnosis helps people live a happy and fulfilling life full of growth and success.  We offer help and assistance for children, teenagers and adults.

one depressed one happy person on a bus95%+ success rate with Emotional Expert Giovanni Maccarrone B.A., C.L.C.

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You will experience a reduction of hopelessness and helplessness as part of your mental health treatment plan.  You will have life changing breakthroughs with real short and long term solutions to overcome depression naturally.  We do not treat or cope with symptoms.  Our sessions are better than talk therapy as they bring you back to your true self.  You will get real insight and proven strategies.  The goal of each session is to change limiting beliefs to beliefs that make you feel empowered!  

With our life changing breakthroughs which help you truly understand how to feel better from the inside out, you’re going to have more energy and life inside of you.

Common Depression Coping Strategies

Most people search for therapy for depression with the best psychologists and therapists with little to no long term results.  These people may experience insomnia and cannot sleep the full night.  Doctors may offer coping strategies such as doing yoga, meditation and getting enough sunlight, but these are merely bandaid solutions.  Psychiatrists who diagnose people with manic depression, clinical depression, bipolar, or severe depression simply don’t know how to truly find the cause of their negative feelings, and how to correctly change them.

Successfully Overcome the Symptoms and Causes of Depression

We offer effective solutions for the signs and symptoms of depression such as low energy, sadness, grief, and crying.  Feel motivated and full of energy.  Overcome negative emotions such as feeling worthless, overwhelmed, anxious, and angry.  We also offer help and guidance to change suicidal thoughts and suicidal ideation.  Through our sessions, you will get rid of feelings of perfectionism or feeling like you are not enough.  We will instead focus on growing and giving.  You will stop believing lies that you have a chemical imbalance, a debilitating mood disorder or that you are stuck.

We take an holistic approach to treat the person.  The truth is that everybody is already happy, strong, and with high self-esteem. We believe that there is always a way to change your situation and/or the way you look at it.  We do not prescribe or believe in drug therapy.  You will not be given anti-depressants or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).  Psychiatrists who prescribe drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft and Celexa may make sufferers feel numb and disassociated from the pain for a short period, but they never fix the actually problem.

A lot of clients visit Giovanni following a break-up or divorce.  They feel unloved, inadequate, and separate from other people.  Low self-esteem and low confidence usually correlate with feelings of depression. They lost that sense of trust, and feel irritable, hopeless, and confused.  They want to have better relationships and feel comfortable during sexual intimacy, but have beliefs that currently block them.  A simple change in beliefs can greatly change the way a person feels for now and in the long term.

How Depression Counselling Helps You Beat Depression Forever

Many researchers and experts divide therapies into different categories.  These include behaviour therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy and solution focused therapy.  On the other hand, Giovanni understands that the most common root of these feelings stems from one’s limiting beliefs.  Clients who look for depression counselling usually only need a few minor tweets that give big results.  Specifically, these clients need a bigger and more empowering map of the world to feel alive, strong, and loving again.

Anxiety counselling also available.

Honestly, Giovanni, I really need to thank you! I felt so light after our conversation during the first session. You were so quick, amazingly astute and I loved that you called me out on my bs! I left feeling not only heard and validated but empowered, and I still feel that way well after the session! Thank you!

Depression counselling and help to beat feelings of depression in only 3-6 sessions in Toronto: 647 231 5727.

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