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What Is Matching & Mirroring?

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There is an art and science to this simple and easy NLP technique.  This strategy is for beginners and advanced learners.  Spend a bit of time improving this skill and you will see results in your personal and professional lives.

This first step to creating rapport is followed by leading and influencing your friend, client, or family member to a better solution.

YOU WILL LEARN: how to create rapport and be a persuasive and commanding leader, friend and sales person.

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Matching & Mirroring Definition

Matching and mirroring is copying some of the body language, verbal language, non-verbal body language, thought processes and predicates of another person.  This technique is consciously and unconsciously used to gain trust, rapport, responsiveness and an overall safe and positive feeling.

Difference Between Mirroring and Matchingmatching mirroring technique

Mirroring is simultaneously copying the person’s behaviour and physiology like a mirror.

Matching has a built-in ‘time lag’.  For example, if your friend crosses their arms, you wait 5-10 or until it is your turn to talk to cross your arms.

Matching also more or less copies the other person, but not exactly.  For example, the other person uses the word awesome, and you use the word cool.  They have very similar meanings, but not exactly.  Note that using the word cool to match is a lot closer to the person’s original word than a word like scholarly.

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Crossover mirroring/matching is a variation.  You can use this technique by using a different expression to copy their behaviour.  For example, if they are moving their hands a lot, you move your feet a lot.

Examples Of Matching & Mirroring

You can match and mirror someone’s:

1. physiology (body language): posture, gestures, facial expressions, breathing speed

2. language: using the same or similar words

3. vocal patterns: tone/inflection, speech rate

4. internal communication cues: energy level, emotions

You can see an example when two people are in rapport.  For example, you can see two people sitting across from each other while leaning to the same side.  Another example is when two people start using the same facial expressions when talking to each other.  Person A will raise their eyebrows even time they make an important point and Person B will raise their eyebrows too.matching mirroring action

Next time you see two good friends hanging out together, you will see their feet most likely pointing in the same direction, or both their heads tilted to the left.

Matching and mirroring is especially true in dating.  Two people that are in sync are usually smiling the same and looking in the same direction.

Even pendulums swinging side by side to each other start to move at the same pace.

Who Successfully Uses Matching & Mirroring To Create Rapport?

This NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique is used by coaches, people in sales, parents, friends, couples, and people on dates.  Basically everybody has used this technique at some point in their lives with certain people.matching rapport robbins

Most people match and mirror their friends unconsciously, while coaches and sales agents usually do it consciously to create and build rapport.  To learn about to think and motivate people like a coach, download for free Motivation: Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

How Does Matching & Mirroring Build Rapport?

One reason why people like other people is because of similarities.  This helps people find common ground with new people and creates a sense of comfortability and security.  People could also feel “this person is just like ME!

For example, if you dress like a rocker, and meet another rocker, you will unconsciously connect with them on some level.  In other words, you will relate with them and trust them more because they are just like you.

On the other hand, a rocker who meets a business man or woman with short hair and using high class speech may initially feel out of place and disconnected.

Does This NLP Technique Help Me In Sales & Dating?

Yes of course.  Time and time again people who sell products or services explain how important trust is to close the deal.  Most people would rather buy a house from a real-estate agent who they trust and feel some connection with.

The simple fact that people unconsciously find similarities and common ground with someone makes them feel more at ease when purchasing their new home.  In addition, if something ever goes wrong, they can trust that the real estate agent will take care of it.

Bottom Line: This simple and easy technique will help your clients make better decisions and you make thousands more dollars for you and your family.

matching mirroring dating

Dating can be a bit nerve-racking, so people look for traits in their date that can help them feel comfortable.  The need of humans to feel a sense of comfortability and likeness is one of the reasons why many people date within their own culture.

The synchronicity you can create on a date using this technique is usually described as “chemistry” or a “positive vibe”.

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