Acting Life Coach in Toronto

Life Coach Giovanni Maccarrone offers top life coaching for professional and aspiring actors and actresses.  Clients from across Canada, the U.S.A. and the world hire Giovanni to help them improve their acting careers.  CALL NOW: 647 231 5727

Clients in the entertainment field choose Giovanni Maccarrone as they experience real life results.  Actors, actresses, musicians and other professional entertainers increase their confidence, get more roles and gigs, and make much more money.  Click here to see his top Google Reviews.

Tony Robbins trained coach Giovanni Maccarrone practices Results Coaching.  Clients who come in motivated, open minded and ready to make breakthroughs always gets results.

You will also learn how to love being fit & healthy, how to love rehearsal, how to organize your personal & professional lives, have a work/life balance and much more.

Learn how to work well with your agents, acting coaches, directors, producers and other actors.  Create more connections and relationships which will increase referrals and roles.  Develop the skills of influence and negotiation to be in the driver’s seat of your acting career.  Successful influence and negotiation is essential in the entertainment industry. As a result, you will go from being taken advantage of to making thousands of dollars per role.

You will create short and long-terms goals to stay at the top of your career for many years.

Successful Life Coaching Results for Actors & Actresses

Clients have appeared in commercials, Canadian & American productions, T.V. series and movies.  Some local actors prefer to ply their trade in the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA). Others have moved to Hollywood or have shot Hollywood scenes here in Canada.

life coaching toronto actors

Clients included beginner, amateur, and local actors as well as Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

The best coaching happens one-on-one in person, however you can also have sessions online via Skype.

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