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We successfully help you lose weight easily through coaching, hypnosis & NLP.  You will have the right mentality and emotional strategies to easily lose weight.

Many clients have tried hypnotherapy and counseling with little results.  After sessions with Giovanni Maccarrone they achieved and maintained their short an long term weight loss goals.

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How Do We Help You Lose Weight, Be Healthy & In Shape?

Since 80% of weight loss is one’s psychology, we place special focus on your relationship with food.  We also explore feelings of self-worth which can stem from our childhood, teenage years, or as adults.

We use a mix of coaching, hypnosis and NLP (waking hypnosis). We use top level Tony Robbins coaching to learn about your feelings and beliefs regarding food.  We also use hypnosis techniques to change your association with food.  At the same time, you will also build your confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

You will have higher confidence and self belief.  You will also learn the long lasting psychological strategies to be healthy and full of energy.

Through our experience, we find that most people have an unhealthy relationship with food due to specific emotional

weight loss help Toronto

triggers.  These people usually have negative self-talk, a distorted body image, habitually feel guilty, or have experienced past physical and emotional abuse.

Hypnosis To Help With Emotional Eating

People usually gain weight as a result of emotional eating.  Emotional eating offers people an escape from emotional pain as well as a sense of fullness when they feel empty inside.  The emptiness is usually based on a belief of not being loved enough.  This emotion, the behaviour of emotional eating, and feeling empty once again fuels and this negative cycle.  This limiting belief can affect your self-esteem and confidence to the point of turning to food for comfort.

Coaching and hypnosis breaks the need to eat to satisfy emotionally needs.  You will learn how to satisfy your emotionally needs in easier and more productive ways.

Does Hypnosis Provide Long-Term Results For Losing Weight?

While eating may provide relief in the moment, the long-term consequences affect our relationships, careers, and mental health.  Mental health counsellors and psychologists may help you deal with these feelings, however we change these feelings at the root.  We change the root by rewiring your brain through coaching, hypnosis and NLP. A change of mentality will also increase your self-esteem, your positive self-talk, and your confidence to also succeed in other areas of your life.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Cost

The cost of being out of shape and unhealthy far outweighs the cost of fixing the issue.  Studies show that people who are out of shape tend to get lower paying jobs than those who are in shape.  People who are healthier and more energy tend to get better paying jobs, make more sales and have more passion in their intimate relationships.

Healthy and fit people also tend to spend less money on drugs and pills prescribed by doctors.

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With Coach Giovanni For Weight Loss?

One of the benefits of working with us is that we offer you long-term results after only 6 sessions. We do not believe in diet pills, hard fat burning diets or spending hours working out at the gym.  We do not promote weight loss clinics or going on strict restrictive diets.

The truth is that a healthy person has a balanced mental and physical health.  The best part is that you will successfully loss weight, gain energy and build high self-esteem naturally.  Learn about our affordable coaching packages.

In only 6 Sessions in Toronto: 647 231 5727

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