Overcome The Fear of Flying with Hypnosis & NLP

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We help you overcome the fear of flying, also known as aviophobia in typically only 3-6 sessions:  647 231 5727

We locate the triggers, the way you frame past and present experiences regarding flying, and the beliefs surrounding the fear.  We then use coaching, hypnosis and NLP techniques to conquer this fear.


I’m Scared of Flying, What Can I Do?

The fear of flying can come from many different experiences, such as experiencing strong turbulence, living through an emergency while in a plane, or seeing images of plane crashes on T.V.  The fear can also manifest as a learned response by seeing a nervous parent or friend.

The events of 9-11 have also made some people fear terrorist attacks while on board.  The fear of terrorist attacks, or of the plane engines failing may cause unease, but during a session we decide which events are common, and which are exceptions.  We examine the human psychological, physiological and emotional processes which surround this fear such as the function of the amygdala, the flight-or-flight response, the rush of adrenaline and so forth. We decide to see from our logical and emotional minds what the reality really is in order to take our power back.

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How Does Coaching and Hypnosis Help Get Rid of This Phobia?

As another example, some clients have experienced strong turbulence while flying, later to realize that they were always safe.  Some people have actually even experienced emergency landings and crashes, yet safety lived to tell the tale.  During a session we separate the fear from any actual danger.  Panic attacks on planes are only due to images or beliefs surrounding flying, and are therefore easy to change.

It’s amazing how you help me feel calm and comfortable on the plane after my bad experience.  I also didn’t think I could feel so much better in only one session with you! – Christine

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