How Much Does A Life Coach Cost?

Life coaches charge various rates which are usually similar to psychologists, counselors and therapists. Many life coaches charge between $50 – $200 per session, however top coaches who deliver unmatched results can charge upwards of $1000/session.

Below is a list of the competitive session rates & monthly packages of Renowned Life Coach Giovanni Maccarrone.

Life Coach Toronto Fees / Prices : Packages and Rates

Giovanni Maccarrone practices Tony Robbins Results Coaching.  His fees depend on your specific challenges, goals and dreams along with the results clients typically experience.  Explain all your current challenges, goals and dreams with Giovanni Maccarrone.  Together you and him will put together the package that best suits you.

  1. Regular Cost: 1 Hour Session: Personal Coaching

  2. Special Competitive Package Price

    – Relationship Coaching/Marriage Counseling: Separate Price

Fee Schedule (Monthly Pricing Schedule)

3.  Constant Breakthroughs Package (Monthly Packages): 6 month – 12 month program. Prices change based on frequency of sessions/month)

– Relationship Coaching/Marriage Counseling Monthly Passion Package: Inquire for more information

*All rates subject to 13% HST

Paying Methods: Cash, E-Transfer, or PayPal

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Life Coach?

The cost of coaching offered by Giovanni Maccarrone is low compared to the enormous gains you will receive.  Fixing a marriage with relationship coaching saves you thousands of dollars one would spend on divorce lawyers.  Gaining empowering beliefs can also help you find a high paying job that you love.  These beliefs can also open the door for you to meet top influential people in your field and in your general life.  As a result, you’ll be better connected socially and financially.

life coach Giovanni Maccarrone reviews

Overcoming feelings of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem will make you feel alive again.  You can have fulfilling, meaningful and passionate relationships.  You can also have a great marriage with wonderful children.  Imagine how it feels being an influential and powerful person in your community.

Learning the science and art of influencing people in an ethical way can add thousands of dollars of profit to your business.  In addition, you will learn how to lead people to support causes which are important to you.

Most people start with a 4 session package.  As they have life changing breakthroughs in every session, many decide to commit long-term to constantly grow and succeed.

What Does A Life Coach Do For You?

The benefits of life coaching are endless. A life coach helps you successfully achieve your career, personal, relationship, physical and financial goals and dreams. Life coach Giovanni Maccarrone specializes in figuring out exactly what you want and need and provides you the mental strategies to get you there.

Giovanni provides one-on-one personalized coaching.  Every person is unique and special, so he individualizes coaching style and strategies to each person.  In fact, one on his strengths is his ability to connect and work with people of all ages, from the 10 year old kid, to the 30 year old young professional, to couples in their 50s.

Unlike other coaches who offer generalized group coaching, Giovanni’s private sessions offer a more in-depth and effective analysis of all his clients.

Giovanni keeps in contact with his clients through emails, calls and texts.  He is genuinely interested in their continued growth and support.

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