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“The right strategy could save you decades”

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Strategies To Be Successful

Successful strategies are all around us.  We live in a time where we can ask Google the answers to literally billions of questions.

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Our society is also so abundant, that we can easily find dozens and dozens of experts to help us achieve our goals.  If you want to get in shape, there are dozens of gyms and even more personal trainers.  If you want to increase business, there are thousands of business coaches either in your area or who are willing to work with you over Skype.

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Since we are surrounded by strategies, the trick is finding the ones that actually work now and long-term.  This free e-book teaches you how to find successful strategies as well as other principles of success.

Why Is The Right Strategy So Important?

We have all seen people who were incredibility motivated, believed it was possible, had great confidence and mental strength, but kept doing the wrong things?

80% of success is your psychology, while 20% is your strategy.  Yes your psychology is the most important, but only as it helps you find and use the right strategy.  The trick is to the find the right strategy.

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If we listen to the Power Of Attraction and think that we just need to think positive, then we are cheating ourselves out of success.  For example, no matter how positive you think, if you eat junk food every day to be fit and healthy, you are not going to reach your goal.

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There Are Many Roads To Have Success In Life

You have to be strong in your vision and flexible in your approach.  There are usually many strategies to achieve your goal.

People get stuck because they continue to use the same strategy.  Other people are so focused on their one strategy (even when it does not work), that they close off to anything new.  These people’s focus is only to survive, rather than thrive.  They try a different strategy literally only when their survival is at stake.  These people get left behind in their personal development, with friends, family and in the job market.  They then blame everybody and everything else.

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Successful people understand that ten strategies might not work, but they are willing to try again and eventually succeed.  In his article 10 Powerful Success Strategies, Craig Harper points out that successful people do what the failures won’t.


How Do I Find Successful Strategies For Life & Business?

For a full list of ways to succeed in life and business,

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Life Coach – How To Stay Focused On Your Goals


“Stay Strong In Your Goals & Dreams.  Few Others Care About More About Your Goals”

How To Stick With Your Goals

Have you ever:

1. Had an amazing goal you wanted to achieve like “I want to be financially rich”?

2. Been so motivated that you thought nothing could stop you?

3. Believed it so much that you were certain?

4. Had so much self-confidence you felt like a beast?

Then someone said to you “You really think you can do that?  Stop kidding yourself.  Who do you think you are??”

focused on goals success cycle

At that point some people start doubting themselves, thinking that the other person might have a point.  They think that maybe they are not good enough to receive this gift, or that they do not deserve it.  The once unstoppable goal achiever is now finding reasons to believe that it will not work out.

What happens when we do not believe it is going to work?  The less we believe it, the less we tap into our potential, the less action we take, and the less results we get.

success mindset

On the other hand, the more we believe it, the more potential we tap into, the more and better action we take, the we ultimately get more results.  Isn’t that true?

Peak performers have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.  People who welcome challenges and persist even in the face of criticism are the people who succeed in life.

You see how important it is to ignore the haters and the doubters, and to continue on your path.


How To Follow Through On Your Goals (Even When People Doubt Them)?

The best way to continue on your journey is to understand that the doubt is it their mind.  Failures have doubt and will continue to live a mediocre life of survival.  On the other hand sports psychology teaches that people who thrive have the right belief/attitude.

top athlete mindset

As a result they will tap into more potential, take more action, and get more results.  This concept is explained in more detail in the free e-book How To Achieve Your Goals.

Understand that we all want to feel a certain level of certainty in life.  Failures get certainty by having low standards for themselves and doubting any possibility of improvement.  Success people get certainty by continuing on their path.

stay focused on your goals

There is nothing wrong with your road.  In fact there is everything right with your road.  Doubters just want certainty, and would rather survive than thrive.


How To Keep Going, Even When It Gets Hard

People who have dreams will do things that do not work out.  It is not a failure, it is a learning experience to do better in the future.  However sometimes we feel like we are doing all the right things, but still not getting the best results.  At that point some people feel frustrated and discouraged.


Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Amy Morin explains the 10 Ways To Build Your Mental Strength:

  1. Write Down Goals
  2. Set Yourself Up To Succeed
  3. Allow temporary discomfort for a greater purpose
  4. Reframing negative thoughts and stories into positive thoughts and feelings
  5. Look at situations with some more logic and rational, rather than only emotions
  6. Focus on your overall purpose and live it daily
  7. Learn from experiences, do not make up unhelpful excuses
  8. Challenge yourself every day at least once, maybe even twice
  9. Apply the 10-minute rule by doing whatever you do not like for at least 10 minutes
  10. Prove yourself right and celebrate


For more strategies to stay focused on and to achieve your goals, CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE E-BOOK: 5 BEST WAYS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

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Life Coach – How To Not Give Up: Life, School, Career

Best Ways To Not Give Up

Just like the Aaliyah song, “if at first you don’t succeed, get up and try again”.  The words make sense.

Why Do People Give Up?

Not giving up is sometimes easier said than done, but it is definitely possible.  Human beings aremotivated by two main forces: pain and pleasure.  People want to avoid pain and go towards pleasure.  Which force is stronger?  To avoid pain!  Click here to learn more about the pain/pleasure motivation principle in How To Achieve Your Goals.

motivational quote

The human brain is wired for survival, and wants to avoid pain more than going towards pleasure.  That is why most people are happy just doing enough to be comfortable is life.  It is that spot which helps you survive, but not much more.  You may survive, but study after study shows that people who live their lives in comfort often feel bored, depressed and lifeless.  In addition, these people rarely have the financial, emotional and relationship freedom we all desire.

Human Beings Hate Losing, But Don’t Give Up On Life

always tryJust the thought of losing at something we tried so hard at makes feel uneasy.  Imagine trying again and again, and feeling like nothing is working.  Constant failure means pain, and constant pain means death.  It is hard wired into humans to hate failing.  That is why people would rather be comfortable than to try and potentially fail.

The Interesting Part

Most people give up after trying only a few different strategies.  Some people might try many times, but usually using the same few strategies until the give up.  At that point they make up a story that it is not possible and that becomes their reality.  These same people will stop their friends and family from trying because they do not want to see them fail too.  However, this is all based on a giving up and untrue story.

Do People Who Keep Trying Eventually Succeed?

Yes!  Business studies show that it could take 6-8 tries to convince someone to purchase your product or service.  Companies show commercials and ads dozens of times to make you want their offer.

Famous people such as J.K. Rowling, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey have all experienced tough times and hardships.  Imagine if they gave up after a few times?  No Harry Potter, no Ace Ventura, and no Oprah show!

jim carrey inspiration

For those of you who have a baby, do you try to get them to walk just a few times then make up a story that it is impossible?  No!  Your baby keeps trying all different ways, over and over again until they get it!

How Do I Not Give Up On My Dreams Even When Times Are Tough?

Understand that if you are not currently reaching your goal, you can stop, analyze the exact reason, and take the next steps to succeed.  A popular saying says that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

steve jobs motivationIs it an external factor that I may not be able to directly control like a government law that prohibits the sell of my product?

Is it a skills factor?  Do I just need a few new skills?

Is it a change of mentality?  Do I need real motivation, or belief, or self-confidence, or mental strength?

Is it just a new strategy I need to find?

Understand that all successful people stop, analyze what is the challenge, then take steps to close the gap of where they are and where they want to be.

The knowledge that solutions are everywhere is the best piece of advice to keep moving forward and succeeding.

How Do I Get Unstuck In Life?

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Life Coach – How To Motivate Yourself, Employees & Others


“Success is never a matter of ability, it’s always a matter of motivation” – Tony Robbins

Learn How To Have Motivation All The Time

People always talk about needing and wanting motivation.  Here you will learn what motivation is, and also how to consistently have that high energy and drive.

What Is Motivation? – Definition

Motivation is the emotional need, want, or drive to start, maintain and obtain certain emotions, beliefs, actions, or resources.  In simple terms, motivation gets someone to act in a way that pushes them away from pain or pulls them towards pleasure.motivation chart

As Tony Robbins says, 80% of success is your psychology.  In other words, 80% of your success is your emotions.  When your emotions say that achieving a certain goal is great, you will follow through with action.

Motivation is actually a mental and physiological response.  When you anticipate a future reward being very pleasurable, your brain releases dopamine.  This feel good neurotransmitter makes you act.

Click here to watch a great motivational speech:

People complain about a lack of motivation or feeling lazy to do anything to change their lives. The truth is that these people already have motivation.  They have a lot of motivation to stay in their current situation because they fear that any movement would give them more pain than pleasure.  For example, people want to have motivation to exercise and lose weight, but feel comfortable enough about their current situation to do anything about it.  Therefore, the potential pleasure does not currently outweigh their current pain.

For example, you may want to get motivated to lose weight. However you currently see working out and eating good as so much more painful than the way you now eat and do not exercise.

How Do I Feel Motivation?

5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals shows how to use the pain-pleasure principle to get motivated.  The pain-pleasure principle works by putting so much pain to the behaviour that you want to avoid, and so much pleasure to the behaviour that you want to adopt.

For example, if you want to get in shape, list all the negative consequences of not working out or eating well.inner motivation

Think of all the health problems you will have, all the fun you will miss out on with your partner and kids.  Think about how bad you will feel about yourself, and the disconnection you will have with other people.

In the next column, list all the pleasures of getting in shape.  Imagine the confidence you will feel.  Experience all the fun you will have with your partner and your kids.  Feel how proud you will feel about yourself.  Also imagine how connected you will feel with yourself and others.

NOTE: Real motivation is NOT a temporary pump-up, but a long-lasting and sustainable emotional pattern to consistently follow through.  Motivational speeches are only for a short time, while decision is forever.

How Can I Always Find Motivation?

Learn how to be consistently motivated as well as the other principles for success in the Free E-Book 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals

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