Life Coach – Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

What Is Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset?

How do you get unstuck?  Easy!  Throw that fixed mindset in the garbage!

The concepts of fixed vs. growth mindset were developed by Carol S. Dweck in her book Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success.

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What Is A Fixed Mindset? – Definition

A fixed mindset is when people believe that personal traits, skills, abilities and qualities are innate and cannot change.  In other words, they believe that one’s abilities are genetically determined.  Examples include our creativity, intelligence, and physical abilities.

People who hold a fixed mindset also believe that most things in the world stay as they are.  For example, a bad economy will be bad forever because that is just the way it is.

A fixed mindset falsely says that talent equals success, rather than developing one’s skills.

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What Is A Growth Mindset? – Definition

People with a growth mindset know that they can always change and improve their personal traits, skills, abilities and qualities.  For example, someone who is having trouble cooking knows that they can improve.

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How A Fixed Mindset Hurts You

Tommy always got high grades when he was in elementary school.  He felt so good about himself with high self-confidence because he got praised for his exceptional marks.  Tommy thought that he will always be good at school because he was innately smart.

Years later he stopped putting in the effort and eventually became an average student.  Since he believed that he could not do anything to improve his grades, he felt down, stuck and with low confidence.

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How A Growth Mindset Helps You

There once was a high school student who loved playing basketball.  He decided to try-out for the varsity basketball team, only to get cut.  This young man spent every day of the next year improving his game.  As a reward he made the team next year and became the star of his team.

This same young man made it to the NBA, won six NBA Championships and became the greatest ever basketball player.  Michael Jordan succeeded time and time again thanks to his growth mindset.

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Mindset Examples

Fixed Mindset Examples

A fixed mindset:

  • avoids challenges
  • gives up easily
  • sees effort as a waste
  • hates negative feedback
  • gets jealous by other people’s success.

This deterministic view of themselves and the world contributes to their failure and lack of self-confidence.

Growth Mindset Examples

A growth mindset:

  • likes challenge
  • is persistent even through setbacks
  • loves putting in the effort to succeed
  • learns from constructive criticism
  • is a life long learner

This empowered view of themselves and the world is a major factor in their personal and professional success.

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Growth Mindset Scientific Studies

In a study conducted by Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell, researchers tracked the grades of 700 seventh graders for two years.  The students with a growth mindset got higher grades over time versus students with a fixed mindset.  After only two years there was already a difference in grades.  We can see that year after year the gap in results will get bigger.

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This notable difference in results was based largely on something simple: their perspective on their intelligence and abilities.  The students who performed better knew that they had the power to increase their capabilities and exceed their potential.

The Physiological Difference Of Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

Our brains actually operate differently based on which mindset we adapt.  For people who hold a fixed mindset, scientific scans show that their brains light up most when they receive information about how they performed.  They ask themselves “how do I look to other people?”

On the other hand, for people with a growth mindset, their brains are most active when they learn what they can do better next time.  They ask themselves “how can I keep growing as a person?”

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Basically, people with a growth mindset have physically trained themselves to highly value learning and improving.

How People With Different Mentalities See Hard Work & Effort

The fixed mindset people sees effort as a bad thing.  As soon as they fail at something, they protect their ego and sense of certainty by concluding that they are incapable or that it is just not possible. They lose motivation and drive, eventually settling for a life of mediocrity.  They give up on having a vision, and live their lives in reaction to everything outside of themselves.

The growth mindset views setbacks as part of the journey and an experience which helps them grow and do better next time.  For example, successful people never say that they failed.  They say “I learned x, y, and z”.  World record holder for stilt walking Doug Hunt also tells kids “if you fall off the stilts, you’re actually falling forward”.

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Growth Mindset Education

In another study by Doctor Dweck and Doctor Claudia Mueller called Praise for Intelligence Can Undermine Children’s Motivation and Performance, a series of kids did a set of puzzles.  They told some of the kids “wow, you must be really smart”, and told the other kids “wow, you must have tried really hard”.  (left sided bar chart)

The doctors then offered the kids to do another puzzle: an easy one or a hard one.  Most of the kids who got the fixed praise chose to do the easy puzzle, while most of the kids who got the growth praise were excited about the challenge of the hard puzzle.

Then the researchers gave a hard puzzle to all of the kids.  After trying the hard puzzles, the kids went back to the easy puzzles.  The ones with the fixed mentality scored significantly less than the kids with the growth mentality. (middle bar chart)

When asked about their scores, the fixed mindset kids lied a lot more about their scores (right sides bar chart).  They were desperate to maintain the praise of achieving something.

Growth Mindset In Your Life

A growth mindset gives real confidence and success in their whole lives.  These successful people are better at problem solving, playing sports, managing people and even dancing!  We know that the brain is malleable and flexible.  The right mentality positively trains efforts, focus and resilience, all traits needed to succeed at the highest level.

How To Help Your Children Develop A Growth Mindset

Praise your children for their effort, and reward them for learning.  Let them know that they can do and become so many different careers.  Celebrate mistakes as they mean that the child learned something.

Also let them know and show by example that there are always options and solutions in life.  Lack mentality breads scared and unconfident children. The abundance mentality is actually the partner in crime to a growth mindset.

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Life Coach – Strategies For Success In Life & Business

“The right strategy could save you decades”

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Strategies To Be Successful

Successful strategies are all around us.  We live in a time where we can ask Google the answers to literally billions of questions.

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Our society is also so abundant, that we can easily find dozens and dozens of experts to help us achieve our goals.  If you want to get in shape, there are dozens of gyms and even more personal trainers.  If you want to increase business, there are thousands of business coaches either in your area or who are willing to work with you over Skype.

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Since we are surrounded by strategies, the trick is finding the ones that actually work now and long-term.  This free e-book teaches you how to find successful strategies as well as other principles of success.

Why Is The Right Strategy So Important?

We have all seen people who were incredibility motivated, believed it was possible, had great confidence and mental strength, but kept doing the wrong things?

80% of success is your psychology, while 20% is your strategy.  Yes your psychology is the most important, but only as it helps you find and use the right strategy.  The trick is to the find the right strategy.

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If we listen to the Power Of Attraction and think that we just need to think positive, then we are cheating ourselves out of success.  For example, no matter how positive you think, if you eat junk food every day to be fit and healthy, you are not going to reach your goal.

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There Are Many Roads To Have Success In Life

You have to be strong in your vision and flexible in your approach.  There are usually many strategies to achieve your goal.

People get stuck because they continue to use the same strategy.  Other people are so focused on their one strategy (even when it does not work), that they close off to anything new.  These people’s focus is only to survive, rather than thrive.  They try a different strategy literally only when their survival is at stake.  These people get left behind in their personal development, with friends, family and in the job market.  They then blame everybody and everything else.

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Successful people understand that ten strategies might not work, but they are willing to try again and eventually succeed.  In his article 10 Powerful Success Strategies, Craig Harper points out that successful people do what the failures won’t.


How Do I Find Successful Strategies For Life & Business?

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Life Coach – How Do Highly Successful & Rich People Think?

How Rich People Think Differently Than Average People

We grow up in elementary school hearing our teachers say that we can be anything we put our mind to.  We watch Hollywood & Disney movies showing that dreams really do come true.

As we grow up, the messages from the outside seem to change.  The job market is competitive with prices rising on seemingly everything.  People who we truly loved broke our little hearts and we do poverty route evilnot want to trust again.  The dream people grew up with of doing what they loved and being financially free seems so far away.

Due to negative stories from the news, from some of our peers and family members, and even from our own “failures”, we give up on our dreams and become “average”.

Average seems safe, and it might be in the moment, but never long term.  Average may put food on the table, a roof over your head, and a little extra spending money.  Yes average helps you survive, but you never truly thrive.

Financially rich people have a radically different mindset than the average person.  They enjoy amazing gifts, luxuries and freedom.  They are able to give and share and do more for themselves, their families and people they care about.  Their success mindset allows them to actually feel alive!

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How Rich People Think

Since 80% of success is your mentality, successful people know how to take control of their mind.

The article How Rich People Think Differently shows 21 beliefs rich people have to build their wealth.  You can take these principles and apply them to all areas of your life.  Remember that wealth always comes from a place of abundance rather than lack.  Opportunities are all around us and empowering beliefs is one of the best steps to start the journey.

How To Get Rich Through Empowering Beliefs

Below is a list of a few of the beliefs rich people have:

  1. Poverty is the route of all evil

smartest rich peopleWhile rich people are viewed as cheaters or lucky, poor people are the real crooks.  People with a “money is the route of all evil” mentality are not able to provide for their family as much as they could.  They cheat their family out of more stability and growth by having a poor belief.

Rich people hate living in lack, and want to provide the means for themselves and the people they care about to thrive and enjoy the world.  Money provides a resource for them to achieve their goals and dreams.

2.   Specific knowledge makes you rich

Average people believe that master’s degrees and doctorates equal money.  On the other hand rich people know that getting and then selling specific information equals wealth.  For example, Tony Robbins has no formal education, but travels the world to learn specific knowledge.  He then shares that specific knowledge to sell out his seminars and command coaching fees in access of 1 million dollars.

3.   Focusing on earning is better than focusing on saving

how rich people think mindsetWhile saving a certain amount of money can help you, holding onto everything that you have is a recipe to always be poor.

Rich people use a part of their earnings to grow and invest.  They sometimes “fail”, but continue to make smart calculated moves.

While average people get scared and hold onto everything they have, rich people move forward.  Wealthy people buy and sell properties, products, stocks, and other companies.  They always focus on earning and know that growth is life.

Does A Success Mindset Help Me Achieve My Goals?

Yes of course.  In fact, there is a whole e-book on having the right mindset to achieve your goals.  You can download it here: 5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals.

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