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“Stay Strong In Your Goals & Dreams.  Few Others Care About More About Your Goals”

How To Stick With Your Goals

Have you ever:

1. Had an amazing goal you wanted to achieve like “I want to be financially rich”?

2. Been so motivated that you thought nothing could stop you?

3. Believed it so much that you were certain?

4. Had so much self-confidence you felt like a beast?

Then someone said to you “You really think you can do that?  Stop kidding yourself.  Who do you think you are??”

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At that point some people start doubting themselves, thinking that the other person might have a point.  They think that maybe they are not good enough to receive this gift, or that they do not deserve it.  The once unstoppable goal achiever is now finding reasons to believe that it will not work out.

What happens when we do not believe it is going to work?  The less we believe it, the less we tap into our potential, the less action we take, and the less results we get.

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On the other hand, the more we believe it, the more potential we tap into, the more and better action we take, the we ultimately get more results.  Isn’t that true?

Peak performers have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.  People who welcome challenges and persist even in the face of criticism are the people who succeed in life.

You see how important it is to ignore the haters and the doubters, and to continue on your path.


How To Follow Through On Your Goals (Even When People Doubt Them)?

The best way to continue on your journey is to understand that the doubt is it their mind.  Failures have doubt and will continue to live a mediocre life of survival.  On the other hand sports psychology teaches that people who thrive have the right belief/attitude.

top athlete mindset

As a result they will tap into more potential, take more action, and get more results.  This concept is explained in more detail in the free e-book How To Achieve Your Goals.

Understand that we all want to feel a certain level of certainty in life.  Failures get certainty by having low standards for themselves and doubting any possibility of improvement.  Success people get certainty by continuing on their path.

stay focused on your goals

There is nothing wrong with your road.  In fact there is everything right with your road.  Doubters just want certainty, and would rather survive than thrive.


How To Keep Going, Even When It Gets Hard

People who have dreams will do things that do not work out.  It is not a failure, it is a learning experience to do better in the future.  However sometimes we feel like we are doing all the right things, but still not getting the best results.  At that point some people feel frustrated and discouraged.


Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Amy Morin explains the 10 Ways To Build Your Mental Strength:

  1. Write Down Goals
  2. Set Yourself Up To Succeed
  3. Allow temporary discomfort for a greater purpose
  4. Reframing negative thoughts and stories into positive thoughts and feelings
  5. Look at situations with some more logic and rational, rather than only emotions
  6. Focus on your overall purpose and live it daily
  7. Learn from experiences, do not make up unhelpful excuses
  8. Challenge yourself every day at least once, maybe even twice
  9. Apply the 10-minute rule by doing whatever you do not like for at least 10 minutes
  10. Prove yourself right and celebrate


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