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Motivating Yourself In Your Personal & Business Life

With so many clients having life coaching sessions, I start to see so many similar patterns. One pattern I see is people incorrectly motivating themselves.  As a result, people go to the gym for like one or two weeks, then they quit. They blame it on being lazy. I always say “you’re not lazy, you just haven’t set up the motivation correctly”. I will teach you how people get motivated.

The basis for motivation is using the pain-pleasure principle. People want to get away from pain and towards pleasure.  The problem that people usually do to have motivation is they set up something really scary or really bad.  Therefore, they want to get away from the pain which might work in the short-term. O Once they move far enough away from the pain, they kind of go back into their old way.  When they get close to the pain again, they move again. The reason why they keep going back and forth is because they have not set up the pleasure.

Using the pain-pleasure principle, use an example in your own life.  Why do you go to work?  You want to get away from pain.  For example you never want to be on the streets, right? You also go to work because you want money to pay the bills and I am sure you want money for entertainment too.  Money allow you to go on trips or just to go out to some restaurants. You go to work because it gets you away from pain and moves you towards pleasure.

pain motivation

Why People Lose Motivation To Exercise

When people workout for like one or two weeks, then give up, they say that maybe they are just lazy.  I always say “you’re not lazy. It’s not laziness”.  I ask how they are motivating themselves and they that they put so much pain on not working out. They might say that it is because of their blood pressure or because they look a certain way, or because their parents are criticizing them, or that people are making fun of them.

These people go to the gym, and then slack off until their blood pressure goes up again. They then start having health problems again and they hear that people are criticizing them again.  At that point they start working out again which becomes a back and forth yo-yo thing.

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout

The secret is to set up some pleasure.  Why do you love working out?  Like honetsly, why do you love working out? What do you feel when you work out? You feel great! How is your energy after exercise? You feel energetic! How about when you walk out of gym? They feel so strong and confident.

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When people start making the mental connections between working out and how great they feel, they start noticing all the pleasure associated with working out.  Exercise is not just to get away from pain. It is not just to get away from certain comments or to get away from certain health problems.  It is to be in top health, to feel alive and energetic. As you use the pain-pleasure principle, you become unstoppable!

Motivating Yourself In Business

I have personally used this strategy specifically in my business.  There was so much pain associated was having to work for somebody else, having to follow their rules and them trying to put me in a box. I told myself that I will never work for anybody else again; at least not for anybody else who tries to put me in a box, tell me what to do, what to say, how to say it, or how long to say it.  I will also never work for someone who tells me when I could go to the washroom, when I could take my breaks, or how to deal with the clients. I am never going to work for someone likethat ever again. It does not matter what I have to do.

I then put pleasure as well. I said with my life coaching business that I get to connect with people and  actually make breakthroughs. It does not even feel like work anymore. I never work a day in my life anymore. It is just so much fun.  There is so much change, I am happy and I help people make so many breakthroughs.

I also make a really good living so I can enjoy myself, give money to my family and my friends. I can also build things, I could really feel like I am growing every single day.

Next time you want to motivate yourself, put so much pain for what you want to go away from and so much pleasure to where you want to go.

Life Coach – How To Motivate Yourself, Employees & Others


“Success is never a matter of ability, it’s always a matter of motivation” – Tony Robbins

Learn How To Have Motivation All The Time

People always talk about needing and wanting motivation.  Here you will learn what motivation is, and also how to consistently have that high energy and drive.

What Is Motivation? – Definition

Motivation is the emotional need, want, or drive to start, maintain and obtain certain emotions, beliefs, actions, or resources.  In simple terms, motivation gets someone to act in a way that pushes them away from pain or pulls them towards pleasure.motivation chart

As Tony Robbins says, 80% of success is your psychology.  In other words, 80% of your success is your emotions.  When your emotions say that achieving a certain goal is great, you will follow through with action.

Motivation is actually a mental and physiological response.  When you anticipate a future reward being very pleasurable, your brain releases dopamine.  This feel good neurotransmitter makes you act.

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People complain about a lack of motivation or feeling lazy to do anything to change their lives. The truth is that these people already have motivation.  They have a lot of motivation to stay in their current situation because they fear that any movement would give them more pain than pleasure.  For example, people want to have motivation to exercise and lose weight, but feel comfortable enough about their current situation to do anything about it.  Therefore, the potential pleasure does not currently outweigh their current pain.

For example, you may want to get motivated to lose weight. However you currently see working out and eating good as so much more painful than the way you now eat and do not exercise.

How Do I Feel Motivation?

5 Best Ways To Achieve Your Goals shows how to use the pain-pleasure principle to get motivated.  The pain-pleasure principle works by putting so much pain to the behaviour that you want to avoid, and so much pleasure to the behaviour that you want to adopt.

For example, if you want to get in shape, list all the negative consequences of not working out or eating well.inner motivation

Think of all the health problems you will have, all the fun you will miss out on with your partner and kids.  Think about how bad you will feel about yourself, and the disconnection you will have with other people.

In the next column, list all the pleasures of getting in shape.  Imagine the confidence you will feel.  Experience all the fun you will have with your partner and your kids.  Feel how proud you will feel about yourself.  Also imagine how connected you will feel with yourself and others.

NOTE: Real motivation is NOT a temporary pump-up, but a long-lasting and sustainable emotional pattern to consistently follow through.  Motivational speeches are only for a short time, while decision is forever.

How Can I Always Find Motivation?

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