Life Coach – 12 Tips To Have A Healthy Relationship

How To Have A Happy & Healthy Relationship

Tips and strategies to have a successful and healthy relationship and marriage. Learn how to reduce the divorce rate and actually enjoy your marriage! This advice is long lasting and across cultures. Enjoy!


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Be Open & Honest

Couples who are open and honest may experience short-term challenges but they always gain long-term trust and security.  It is easier for you to be open and honest than to make up stories. You will create a sense of certainty and security for the relationship. Think about it.  Knowing all the time what is going on makes you feel like you know where you stand without having to play guessing games. Successful relationships accept some possible short-term discomfort for long-term peace of mind. Would you like peace of mind in your relationship?


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Relationships Are About Giving, Not Just About Getting

We all need to receive in a relationship. A partner who truly loves you actually wants to give to you. However a partner who feels empty will find it hard to keep giving. In a relationship you need to take care of yourself. At the same time your main focus should be to give to your partner.

The more you give, the happier they will be. The more you give, the more they will want to give back to you. More receiving gives you more fulfillment and the positive cycle continues.

If you feel like they are not giving as you would like, do not stop giving. Just share with them the ways that you like to receive. A good partner will take note and give them to you. That’s true, right?


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High Energy = Great Passion

If passion is low, energy is probably low too. Think of two people who come home from work dead tired. Do they have any passion?

Now think of two people who come in the house full of energy and life with a big smile on their faces. You can just feel their energy bursting out. What happens when two people who are full of energy hug? Yes, sparks fly!

To feel more energetic on a daily basis, one thing to do is just move! You can hit the gym and shape yourself with weights. Have fun jumping on a mini trampoline or skipping with the kids. Literally just put on your favourite jams and dance crazy in the house. This will make your body strong and full of energy. It will also release stress which equals more aliveness

As a simple morning routine, drink freshly squeezed lemon juice followed by a glass of water. You will get an energy boost right away.


Trade Expectations for Appreciation

Appreciating even the little things makes them feel special and needed. Even for yourself appreciation makes you feel so rich. Your partner does not have to cook or take you out to the movies. These are gifts they give to make the relationship better. Let us not take these meaningful gifts for granted. A simple and meaningful “thank you so much!” or a big hug will mean the world to them. It will also make them want to treat you again.

Important Note: Guys absolutely love to be appreciated. Making the woman happy is their priority, so tell them how grateful you are to be together with them.


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Listen Not To Hear, But To Understand

Your partner wants to feel like you totally get them. I know you want to feel that your partner can read you well too, right? Between the different masks we have to wear at work, school and at social gatherings, we want to come home to someone who truly understands us.

When they talk, let them know that you understand. Ask questions out of curiosity to make sure you fully understand how they are thinking and feeling.

Out of fear we sometimes turn our ears off and focus just on getting our point across. The simple act of truly understanding how your partner feels has two benefits. They feel comfortable and safe, and you get better information to make the relationship better.

Give Them Time & Space

Everyone processes information, but some people need more time and space. If the guy or girl really loves you, they will come back to talk. If they are thinking through something and you force them to give you an answer right away, you will interrupt their thinking and make them upset.

Giving them time and space can also mean silently sitting together by the water or walking in a park. They can calmly reflect and feel free.


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Keep Dating Your Husband/Wife

Some people completely change the day after the wedding. Certainty and responsibility take centre stage and fun goes to the wayside. 3 years later, 5 years later, 15 years later and they find themselves bored and in marriage counselling.

Have a nice meal just the two of you at least once a week. Write a little poem. Tell them how special they are to you. Bring them flowers for no reason. These little actions keep the spice in the relationship and bring you closer.


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Act Like It Is The Beginning Of The Relationship, And There Won’t Be An End

What do you do at the beginning of the relationship? You text just to say “I miss you”. Surprise them with a love song. You give them a big hug every time you see them. Tell them how much you love them. Heck, if they ask you to take out the trash, you sing your way to the garbage can. Yet for some reason, people throw all those strategies out the window when they get married.

The truth is that time is never the problem, it is your strategy. Time should make a relationship stronger, not weaker. Muscles get stronger by working them out over the years. Plants grow bigger and healthier through watering. Have a long lasting relationship by doing the things you did at the beginning.


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Get It On

The excitement of letting your animal side roar out with your lover speaks for itself. Do we even need to list the health benefits? Psychologically, having a peak emotional and physical experience will touching them will definitely build your connection with them.

Touch may actually be the most important way of communicating. The right touch with the right person can communicate much more than anything you could ever say.

If you are not in the mood, the solution could be to do the deed more often. More sexual activity actually increases your libido which makes you crave it more. If it is getting boring, you can definitely spice it up. Look into Kama Sutra, candles and music. Do anything! Your overall life will improve as well as receiving the many health benefits of sex.

Be Fully Present!

Every woman wants a guy to be present, and most guys push that idea aside. All a guy has to do is sit there, look in her eyes and be mentally present. One eye on her and one on the game does not even count as half in the woman’s eyes.

If the woman talks about a hundred different things at once, you do not need to remember everything or solve her problems. Just stay connected and present with how she is feeling. Even ten minutes a day of being present goes a long way. It is like an extremely satisfying meal which will keep her satisfied and happy for a while.

Click here to learn more about presence from Tony Robbins.

Communicate Using Their Preferred Communication Style

We all understand information differently based on our strongest communication style. Styles include hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling.

A man may be visual, so he will communicate to her by showing her a picture. However her strongest style might be hearing, so she will miss most of what he is saying. The solution is to talk in her ear. If he likes touching and feeling, put your hand on his arm and then communicate your message. He will understand that ten times more than just auditory words.

Fulfill Their Needs

“I did everything!” except for what they needed. People value two out of the six human needs. That means you must learn what their top two needs are and fulfill them. If he is significance driven, you must show him how much you appreciate all the little and big things that he does. If she is a love/connection bug, then you must physically hold her and express your true emotions.

Remember, you might believe that seeing is believing while for them hearing is believing. Fulfill their needs and tell them good ways to help them meet your needs.

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