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Planning For Retirement – Coaching

Planning for retirement seemed like something that was so far away, but now is that time.  In elementary school and high school, a lot of people are so excited when you ask them “what do you want to be:when you grow up?”

Their list of job and careers include: fighter fighter, police officer, nurse, CEO and more.

Eventually kids become adults and adults have jobs and careers.  After 30-40 years working they approach retirement and say to themselves “oh wow I do not know what to do with myself anymore. I am just so bored now”.

Retirement & Death (Mortality Rate)

I have actually heard as well as read that many retirees literally die after retirement.  They were only like in their sixties. It is not a retirement that kills people.  It is that people need a purpose in life and to constantly grow.

How To Prepare For Retirement

Everybody who is thinking about retiring could properly set it up.  I could fast foward your life for you so that you feel prepared.  When I was little, someone would always say to me “you know if you do not have a hobby and then you retire, then what do you do? You end up being bored all the time”.  As a result, I always thought “oh my gosh, when you retire that means you are just bored, and that is it”.

I once repeated the same belief to a friend of mine and right away my friend said:

“you can always pick up a hobby”

I stopped in my tracks and though “right you can always pick up a hobby. That is so true!”.  If you do not have a hobby and you are thinking about retiring you do not have to work until you are 100 years old.  You could always pick up a new hobby.

Happiness After Retirement Comes From Growing

The point is to always grow, to always to something and to look forward to something.  Some retirees like a certain series of books that they looking forward to reading every single day.  Other seniors play instrument which they want to improve on every day.  There are also old age clubs and retirement homes to join.  These groups gather to play cards, talk, eat together or just do activities together.  Other people walk around the block every day or go to Tim Hortons with their friends for a coffee.

retiring fun

Gardening & Grandchildren Keeps People Young

Gardening and growing plants outside keeps people young and connected with nature. They grow their plants and their flowers.  Every day they focus on making their flowers, their plants and their whole landscape better: better looking flowers, tastier food, and different types of plants.

retirement video games

Spending more time with the grandchildren is a recent phenomenon.  Contributing and helping your grandchildren is great but it is not helpful to just rely on your grandchildren for your whole life.  The best thing to do is to actually have personal hobbies or with friends. In addition, you will see your grandchildren or your nieces and nephews or whomever to build your social circle.

Overcome The Fear Of Retirement With Activites

Basically you do not need to be scared about retiring.  There are so many things you can do.  If you are really wondering what to do, you can ask your friends what they do.  Maybe they do something cool that you have not even thought about.  For example, they might play ping pong and inspire you to play.  From there you can play ping pong, read about it, watch videos about and talk about it.

You can also go to the gym an hour a day or maybe even two hours because you do not have to run to work.  Retirement is also the opportunity to get to know your husband or wife better.  You could go to the park with them or talk to them about things that you just did not have the time to talk about when you worked on those years.  The age could be the perfect time for you to join a group, join a club and get to know other people. You now actually have the opportunity to expand your friends circle.

Retirement is not the end, it is the beginning of so many friendships, so many fun things to do and so much growth

If you really feel stuck with your retirement or are thinking about retirement in a couple of years and would still like a purpose you could always contact me.  I would love to help you and I know for sure I can help.

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