Life Coach – Robin Williams Depression: Why Did He End His Life?

Robin Williams deathThe Death of Robin Williams

How can someone like Robin Williams be loved by so many people all around the world, and yet still decide to end his life?  He had all the money, fame, and love in the world.  He made a living doing what he loved, and worked with the top producers, directors, and actors in the world.

Robin also succeeded professionally in ways some of us only dream.  He wanted to be on T.V., check!  He wanted his own show, check!  Robin wanted to be in Hollywood films, check!  He wanted to win an award playing a serious role when his skill was to be funny, check!  He also said that he wanted to make the whole world laugh.  We know he succeeded there too.

It is common knowledge that money and fame doesn’t make you happy in itself, but Robin Williams also had millions of people loving him all around the world.  We sit here scratching our heads to how this happened.

How Loving Oneself Saves People From Suicidal Thoughts

My life mission is to help people overcome feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and more.  Thanks to my expertise in the mental health and life coaching fields, I believe I can offer an explanation as to why I believe Robin Williams never felt completely whole and fulfilled.  As a result, you’ll learn about Robin, yourself and everybody in life you would like to help end suicidal thoughts.

All of us human beings operate based on The 6 Human Needs.  These are not desires, wants, or goals.  These are needs that every human needs to fulfill to survive and thrive.  The 6 human needs are:

1. Certainty: to feel safe and secure

2. Variety: to have change and excitement

3. Significance: to feel special and that our lives have meaning

4. Love/Connection: to feel love/connected with ourselves and with others

5. Growth: to grow and develop

6. Contribution: to pay it forward

The first four everybody meets, even if they have to lie to themselves or have split personalities.  Every thought, belief, and action will meet at least one of the top four needs.

What Was Robin Missing From His Life?

Looking at the list, it looks like Robin Williams had everything.  He should be able to meet his deepest need of love/connection from all the love he got from millions of people.  The problem was most likely that he would not let himself truly love and connect with himself.  In other words, he never truly let himself feel those feelings.  He wanted to make everybody happy and laugh because only then did he think he could let himself experience at least some love/connection.

The problem with this thought pattern is that your life is only great for a certain amount of time as well as based on external factors.  The emotion that’s most important to you is only felt at certain times and based on certain sometimes uncontrollable factors.  That is a scary and depressing way of thinking.  It is understandable why he felt that there was something missing.  In fact I often see this same pattern with my clients.

We are all born loving and connecting.  However there comes a time when we wanted so badly to be loved and accepted by somebody, but we believed they would never love us back.  At that point people sometimes pull away and make up a belief that says “since love is not unconditional, I would rather be safe than sorry”.  As a result, we go into our shells and hope that one day we can find a partner who truly loves and connects with us.  The feeling that is most important to us hinges on other people.  That uncertainty makes some people want to end their life like Robin did.

How To Love Oneself

The solution is to reconnect with that part of ourselves that loves without having to earn it.  We can love ourselves and share love with other people.  At that point we realize that love has always been inside of us.  We realize that love is always a part of us.  We will never fear losing it again, or feel that it depends on external factors.  If our dear friend Robin knew that, he just might have been happy and fulfilled.

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