reviews toronto life coachWhat Do Giovanni’s Clients Think Of His Results-Centered Coaching?

Working with Giovanni has been incredible. During our session, we really got to some root causes that were blocking me from achieving my goals. I felt heard and at times I even felt like he was reading my mind! Giovanni is astute, intense, and affirming. I highly recommend him” – Jane


I feel truly blessed to have met Giovanni. I’ve seen a handful of counsellors and therapists in the past but never really saw any significant changes. When I heard Giovanni say he only needed one to three sessions to yield results, I thought it was unlikely because my past experiences had taught me that you could attend dozens of sessions with a “professional” and still not get anywhere. I really don’t know how he does it, but my ENERGY, OUTLOOK, and ATTITUDE CHANGED COMPLETELY after just one session with him. Giovanni is quick, authentic, and warm. I highly recommend him! – Esperanza

testimonials toronto life coach

I can’t thank Giovanni enough. He was able to sort out issues that were way overdue, and I only needed one session to see a new perspective on the problems I was having. I felt very comfortable opening up to him and I was surprised that he was able to find the root of the problem so quickly. I would recommend him to anyone who is unsure about certain issues in their life that need clarity.”  -Dee



You are one of the best listeners ever.  You don’t just hear, you *understand*, better than most pros. 🙂 It’s quite a gift you have – John


Personal Life Coach Testimonials

“After only one session with Giovanni, my life has changed! He helped me take a step back and understand my negative thought patterns. Over the next few weeks I started catching myself going back to the old way of thinking and I would laugh at myself.  I all of a sudden started reviews Giovanni Maccarronefeeling more secure at work instead of panicking whenever a tough situation came up. I also got back into dating after I stopped trying. I highly recommend that you meet with Giovanni!” – George


Absolutely amazing! I thought I’d never quit smoking, but Giovanni helped me quit forever. He helped me understand the psychological reasons why I smoked, and helped me easily overcome them. Giovanni’s very genuine and definitely knows his stuff. If you want to quit smoking, go to Giovanni” – Joey McBride


After years of struggling with depression and low self-esteem, I’m so happy to have met Giovanni. He helped me make sense of everything and finally feel happy again! I couldn’t believe he was able to understand me and help me feel better so quickly. I highly recommend him – Maria De

reviews life coach


“Admittedly, I was going through a difficult time in my life when I reached out to Giovanni for advice. When I met with him, he was attentive and listened to whatever I felt like I needed to say, never asking for more unless I felt comfortable speaking. He was able to put situations in a new perspective,   taking into consideration their cultural and generational contexts. I still look back at what I had learned, and it has helped me to move forward in a more positive way.” – Ann


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“In 3 sessions Giovanni helped me reconnect to my confidence and feel like my true self again. Even after the first session I felt different and walked out “glowing”. I would highly recommend him! Thanks Giovanni!” – M Maharajh


Giovanni was amazing! I didn’t think I would ever get better, but Giovanni was able to help me see things from a whole new perspective which literally changed my whole life. Thank you Giovanni! – Ayumi


“Giovanni is an energetic and passionate life coach. He finds the root of your problem and then tells you how to resolve the very problem in the best possible way!  As a result, his session was truly helpful to me and I would definitely recommend him!” – Kseniya


Working with Giovanni was such a pleasure, making every step of the way meaningful and easy. Giovanni helped me make some hard business decisions, I looked at areas I never thought of in the past.  Thanks!  Anyone thinking of a consultation with a Life Coach you should really consider Giovanni.  You won’t be disappointed” – Giorgio T (Frank’s Pizza House) :

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“Giovanni has a very animated personality yet is a down to earth person. I have attended his presentation which uplifted me.  I must actually confess that I thoroughly enjoyed after the meeting much more when he spoke to me on one on one basis. He engaged in our conversation in a way that made me feel unique. He certainly demonstrated that he has chosen the perfect profession where he helps people using his natural born talent that impacts on each person he interacts with. I recommend Giovanni to any one that is struggling in life so that they can reach their full potential. He is an excellent person to guide you on the path you want to go in life. Even one session with him has the potential to change your life for the better. He will help you figure things out” – Paula Gilroy


testimonials Giovanni Maccarrone

“Honestly I didn’t know what to think of a life coach because I always thought I should go to a psychologist. But I decided to go for the consultation and Giovanni explained things that I’ve never heard any other therapist say before. And it made perfect sense! Not sure how he’s able to figure things out so fast, but thank you very much Giovanni! It’s been 6 months, and I’m still over my anxiety forever” – Daniele F


Reviews of Giovanni Maccarrone

Truly a great step for anyone. After feeling hopeless to find a solution to what was holding me back and blocking me from living life, I was skeptical that anyone could offer anything that would be useful and give tangible and durable results. Giovanni knows his stuff.  My skepticism vanished during the free consultation. I instantly knew that he knew what he was talking about, realizing that we were going to work on something that would actually shift my life permanently from the ground up – Ata


reviews/testimonials personal coach“I came to Giovanni feeling so lost and confused. After a few sessions, I felt much more relaxed and focused on my goals and got insight into the human psyche. He is a great listener and has insightful suggestions to get you past sticking points. I will continue to use in the future” – N Kamra

“Thank you for the session today. You’re kind and generous. Two wonderful qualities. And very good at your job. I left there today feeling very confident and better than I have in a long while. As a result, I was strutting and sassing my way through the day.  As a result, I was better able to help my friend with the new information. Or discovered myself with your help” – Awesome Passionate Yvette

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